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Connecting plants and people to 
foster energy-neutral spaces through education & empowerment

Connecting plants & people to 
foster energy-neutral spaces through education & empowerment

Welcome to the novices and the experts. The lost and the found. The seekers and the wanderers. All who are looking to invite life into their spaces. Let’s leave our fear of failure at the door and invite in the spirit of curiosity and growth; one breath at a time.Let's open a safe space for all. Let's protect our peace. Let's embrace all of life, and what it has to offer. 


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Providing wellness and self-care in multiple facets is the Houseplant Hippie goal. Our mobile unit is a space to purchase indoor plants and wellness products. Indoor plant consultation services provide the opportunity to discover what plants will make for a good addition to your space. Physical wellbeing is advocated for through yoga and mindful practice classes.

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This hippie is all about peace, but how can we attain peace without justice? Protecting our peace as individuals is only the starting point. But we - together - have a larger responsibility to ensure safety, justice, and peace - for every man.  

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But what about justice?
What about protecting OUR peace?

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