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Our Partners

 Our passion is connecting People to Plants for wellness and healing! Our mission is to Grow Well, Give Well, and Live Well. Join us on the journey as we develop our land for community spaces, education and homegrown wholeness!

Kyla Smith is a native of Raleigh, NC who enjoys her craft of making 100% soy, eco-friendly candles. When she is not working full time in clinical research for prostate cancer or preparing for medical school, she is handcrafting beautifully fragranced candles for her customers to enjoy that also supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

The Byrds & The Bees is passionate about honeybee health and bringing delicious byproducts of the hive to market. Adam and Sydney Byrd use organic treatments to maintain hive health and the apiary, located at Haven Farm, provides a perfect environment for nurturing these essential creatures. Keep an eye out for their honey and hive products coming soon!

These full spectrum hemp drops are full of cannabinoids with healing properties.Each bottle contains 500mg of full spectrum hemp . You can enjoy the taste of the plant as it is, or add your own favorite essential oil for flavor.

Natural Tincture

Favorite Products

This sophisticated fragrance is specially crafted with slight floral notes deepened with earthy fragrance notes of amber, patchouli and musk. The matte black vessel is perfect for repurposing into a flower or succulent vase! 

"Urban FLora" Candle

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